Clinics and Services

Rosemead Surgery provide the following services:

Asthma Clinic

Patsy, our specialist respiratory nurse, runs a weekly clinic for respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.

She is able to offer spirometry to accurately measure lung capacity and she advises on both inhaler medications and techniques for various inhalers. We encourage all asthma and COPD patients to have an annual review with Patsy.

If you have been advised to complete an asthma review, please complete our Asthma Review form.

Contraception / Coils

We offer a range of contraceptive services including coil or implant fittings and removals. Please book in with Dr Hunter. She will require a telephone consultation with you first. If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review, please complete our Contraceptive Pill Review form.

Diabetic and Heart Disease Clinics

These clinics are held regularly with one of our practice nurses. Please book with reception.


We run a weekly nurse-led baby clinic on Thursday between 11:00-12:30. Immunisations are available and advice and queries can be answered here.

The following schedule is recommended and endorsed by the doctors and health visitors:

  • 2 months – Diptheria, Tetanus & Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Polio, HiB and Pneumococcal
  • 3 months – 2nd dose of Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio and 1st dose of Meningitis C
  • 4 months – 3rd dose of Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, 2nd dose of Meningitis C and 2nd dose of Pneumococcal
  • 12 months – Booster HiB/ Meningitis C
  • 13 months – MMR and 3rd dose Pneumococcal
  • 3 years and 4 months, or soon after – MMR and booster for Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Polio
  • 13 – 18 years – Booster for Tetanus, Polio and Diptheria
  • UP to 24 years – Meningitis C if not previously vaccinated

Minor Surgery / Joint Injections

We do not currently offer a regular minor surgery clinic, but we are able to add procedures at the doctor’s discretion. Joint injections are carried out by Dr Hutchings and Dr Hettiaratchi.

NHS Health Checks

This service is intended for people who do not come regularly to the doctor. The check is intended to identify people from the ages of 40-74 who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or high blood glucose and are therefore at risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes and who do not realise this. We will calculate your risk of a heart attack or stroke and advise you accordingly and give some lifestyle advice. If you have been asked to complete a blood pressure review, please compete our Blood Pressure Review form.

If you are on medication for any of the above your doctor will have already done this assessment for you and so you do not need a specific appointment to repeat these. If you have had a cholesterol check in the last three years you will not need to repeat these tests.

If you feel that a health check would be beneficial, please book in with one of the nursing team via our Consulting Room. We run specific health check clinics, and you will be booked into one of these.

Please note that patients below the age of 40 years and above the age of 74 years are not eligible for an NHS Health Check.


If you require a routine blood test, please attend St Marks Hospital between 08:30-12:30, Monday to Friday, or between 13:30-16:00 on a Thursday. No appointment is necessary

INR and warfarin monitoring is available with any of our practice nurses or HCA’s.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you are attending for a fasting blood test, you should have nil by mouth for the preceeding 12 hours prior to the test. You may take small sips of water if required.

Sexual Health Clinics

Sexual health clinics are available at the following locations:

Slough – The Garden Clinic, Upton Hospital, Albert Street, Slough, SL1 2BJ


12:00-14:30  – Sexual health walk-in clinic

17:00-19:00 – Appointments only (to book, please call 01753 635302)


08:30-16:30 – Sexual health walk-in clinic


08:30-11:30 – Sexual health walk-in clinic


08:30-11:30 – Sexual health walk-in clinic

13:00-16:00 – Booked and specialist appointments only


08:30-15:30 – Sexual health walk-in clinic

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead – St Mark’s Hospital, St Mark’s Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6DU


17:00-19:00 – Appointment only

Bracknell – Skimped Hill Health Centre, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell, RG12 1LH


11:00-19:00 – Appointments only


10:00-14:00 – Appointments only

15:30-17:30 – SpeakEasy Clinic for those aged 18 and under. Appointments are not necessary for this clinic – please just walk in.

Travel Clinic

The practice nurses run a travel advice clinic that is chargeable. Please book in at least 6 weeks prior to travel, as many vaccinations require administration over several weeks. We kindly request that you complete our Travel Risk Assessment form and bring it with you to the appointment.

We also provide:

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Dressings
  • Ear syringing
  • Removal of sutures

For further information, please visit our Travel Clinics Page.