Share Your Care

To provide the best possible care, health and social care professionals need the most up to date information about you. You probably expect that the people who look after you already have instant access to relevant information about you. That hasn’t been the case, until now.

Eighteen health and social care organisations and over 100 GP Surgeries in Berkshire are involved in “Share Your Care”. Together, we care for more than 855,000 people.

We, together with hospitals, community health, mental health and social care teams could all hold important information about your care, but it has not always been easily available to other parts of your local NHS and care community.

Soon, every member of your care team will be able to access the information they need to look after you without delay. This will lead to:

  • Safer and faster treatment
  • Reduced duplication of tests and results
  • Reduced delays to treatment
  • You only have to tell your story once

How it works

A highly secure computer system takes a regular snapshot of any information held about you at our surgery, hospital departments and local authorities across Berkshire.

If you are present and able to answer, then you will be asked whether it is OK for the person caring for you to look up information about you on the new computer system.

Safe and secure

It is vital that the right controls are in place to protect the information we hold about you. Your record is kept on a secure database and is only shared with qualified and regulated professionals who are directly involved in your care.

Find out more

You do not need to do anything to start benefiting from “Share Your Care” but if you would like to find out more please visit