Register a Death

Please complete our online Death Pre-registration Form, where we require you to record your contact details as well as details about the deceased.

Once you have submitted the online form, we will be able to telephone you to make a mutually convenient appointment to register the death.

To find our online Death Pre-registration Form, please go to: RBWM: Register a Death, and then scroll down the form and click on the purple box with white writing: ‘Apply for: Pre-registration Form for a death registration appointment’.

After submission, the form will automatically be emailed to the Registrar’s Inbox. The doctor will also be emailing the registrars with the Medical Certificate Cause of Death. Please do not collect it from the doctor to bring to your appointment.

If you cannot use/do not have access to a computer, laptop or smartphone, please telephone the RBWM Register office on 01628 796422 and leave a message stating your name and telephone number and that you need to register a death. You will be contacted Monday – Friday.